Sheds (LP Smartside)

Sheds built with LP Smartside (engineered plywood siding) are simply the best value you’ll find when deciding what kind of material to build your next shed with. This premium engineered plywood adds strength and durability to your building while saving you time and money in maintenance costs. It comes primed, ready for paint and is resistant to weathering and rot. It has a waterproof resin infused core to resist swelling due to high moisture seasons. Not only is LP Smartside durable, it’s cost effective. Once painted, the finish will last longer than a wood sided shed. This is due to the fact that it doesn’t expand and contract  like wood does. The more the face of any painted surface moves the easier it is for a painted finish to fail and “flake off”. If you want to take this shed to the next level of durability, replace the standard asphalt shingles with steel roofing. Available in black, dark brown or dark grey colours.

    Standard Features Include:
    • 75″ wall height
    • 2×4 roof trusses, 24″ on centre
    • 2×4 premium grade studs, 16″ on centre
    • pressure treated 2×4’s & 5/8″ plywood floor
    • solid pine trim
    • 48″ double doors with keyed lock
    • 2 aluminum windows with screens
    • 2 6×9 aluminum gable vents
    • asphalt shingles
    • delivery and installation included (within 1/2 hr drive from shop)
    • Options not included:
                    • Upgrade floor joists to 2×6 (please request a quote)
                    • bar door (please request a quote)
                    • Upgrade standard 48″ double door to 60″ $100
                    • extra 14″x 27″ aluminum windows with screens $95 ea
                    • extra 18″x 27″ aluminum windows with screens $95 ea
                    • extra 24″x 27″ aluminum windows with screens $95 ea
                    • extra 24″x 36″ aluminum windows with screens $95 ea
                    • 48″ checker-plate aluminum door threshold $25
                    • Paint or stain your shed (+15% 1 colour, +20% 2 colours)
                    • cedar shingles add $5 x shed square footage
                    • steel roofing (56068 Black,56062 Dark Brown or 55174 Deep Grey only)
                    • increase wall height from standard 6’3” to 7′ add 10%
                    • 4″ concrete slab up to 100 sq ft approx. $1500-$2000 (price can vary depending on ground level & site access)
                    • 6X6 pressure treated timbers
                    • installation of gravel $500 (price can vary depending on ground level & site access)

Dimensions: 6'x8'

Price: $3378

Dimensions: 8'x8'

Price: $3630

Dimensions: 8'x10'

Price: $3994

Dimensions: 8'x12'

Price: $4254

Dimensions: 9'x12'

Price: $4484

Dimensions: 10'x10'

Price: $4147

Dimensions: 10'x12'

Price: $4723

Dimensions: 10'x16'

Price: $5328

Dimensions: 12'x12'

Price: $5052

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