Pine Sided Cabanas

If one of our standard shed designs doesn’t quite cut it for your pool cabana we can custom build a cabana to fit your design requirements and space. We offer 2 choices in pine: 1×6 pine cove siding that looks similar to the vinyl siding on your house and can be painted to match (like in the photo above). The alternative would be a 1 x 12 pine board & batten siding that can be stained, painted or left to weather grey.

    • We suggest a 7′ min. wall height in order to maintain comfortable head room and to allow room for metal entry doors, instead of wooden shed doors. If a bar opening is in your plans, we sell an aluminum roll-up door that can be custom made to any size you need.
Many of our customers will choose to get their pool contractor to prepare a concrete base for the cabana while they are pouring the pool deck. In this case we simply bolt the walls directly to the concrete slab (no wood floor). This concrete pad needs to be at least 2″ higher than the pool deck so the walls can overhang the edge of the cement. When your building design exceeds 108 sq/ft, the concrete thickness under the outside edges needs to be thicker than just 4″. Depending on the size of your project 12″-24″ could be required. This is a requirement of the building code. When it comes to finishing the interior, the possibilities are endless. We can install interior walls to divide your space for different uses (pool equipment, change area, bar area etc.). Paneling, cedar or pine are popular finishing choices as they can stand up to a little moisture better than drywall. We don’t install electrical wiring or do any plumbing. This would need to be subcontracted to a licenced installer.
Standard Features Include:
  • 75″ wall height
  • 2×4 roof trusses, 24″ on centre
  • 2×4 studs, 16″ on centre
  • pressure treated 2×4’s & 5/8″ plywood floor
  • solid pine trim
  • 48″ double doors with keyed lock
  • 2 aluminum windows with screens
  • 2 6×9 aluminum gable vents
  • asphalt shingles (Black, Brown or Driftwood)
  • delivery and installation included (within 1/2 hr drive from shop)
  • Options not included:
  • Miratec composite trim add $300
  • bar door (please request a quote)
  • 32″ steel entry door
  • stone vineer
  • extra 18″x 27″ aluminum windows with screens $100 ea
  • extra 24″x 27″ aluminum windows with screens $120 ea
  • extra 24″x 36″ aluminum windows with screens $140 ea
  • 48″ checker-plate aluminum door threshold $25
  • Paint or stain your cabana(+15% 1 colour, +20% 2 colours)
  • cedar shingles add $5 x shed square footage
  • increase wall height from standard 6’3” to 7′ add 10%
  • steel roofing: 6×8$425 8×8$450 8×10$500 8×12$656 $9×12$625 10×10$675 10×12$750
  • 4″ concrete slab $1500-$1800 (price can vary depending on ground level & site access)
  • 6X6 pressure treated timbers & gravel 6×8 $611 8×8 $658 8×10 $682 8×12 $706 9×12 $722 10×10 $700 10×12 $722
  • installation of gravel $500 (price can vary depending on ground level & site access)
  • Dimensions: 6x8 (base price)

    Price: $2507

    Dimensions: 8x8 (base price)

    Price: $2731

    Dimensions: 8x10 (base price)

    Price: $2938

    Dimensions: 8x12 (base price)

    Price: $3176

    Dimensions: 9x12 (base price)

    Price: $3441

    Dimensions: 10x10 (base price)

    Price: $3359

    Dimensions: 10x12 (base price)

    Price: $3719

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