Miratec Trim

Upgrade your basic pine shed trim to MiraTEC composite trim. Made from the patented TEC™ process, MiraTEC Treated Exterior Composite trim combines the eye-catching beauty of authentic woodgrain with the long-lasting performance of an engineered product. Because it is not hardboard, MiraTEC trim will not delaminate, is moisture, rot and termite resistant, and is backed by a 50-year limited warranty.

MiraTEC Comes primed on all faces, ready for paint. A shed installed with basic pine trim will only be able to be painted on 3 surfaces, allowing moisture to enter the wood and limit the life expectancy of your painted finish. Pine knots can also “bleed through” a primed surface. This is the best advantage of upgrading to MiraTEC. Especially if your trim will be painted white.

Dimensions: gable roofs up tp 120 sq/ft

Price: $85

Dimensions: hip roof sheds up to 120 sq/ft

Price: $85

Dimensions: contemporary style sheds

Price: $125

Dimensions: 5 sided sheds

Price: $125

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