Concrete Slabs

A concrete Slab is definitely the best choice for a base for your next shed, cabana or pavilion. The foundation is the most important step and the part that most people overlook. The quality of the base will certainly dictate the life expectancy of any job! Why go through the expense to create a long lasting and good quality project just to have it settle, or rot because the base was inadequate. Wood sheds rot from the bottom up over time. A well constructed concrete slab will prevent the wood components of your project from “wicking” moisture up from the sub-soil. A well constructed, clear gravel base can also be used to prevent wood floors in sheds from “Wicking” if your budget doesn’t allow for concrete work. If your project is under 10 square meters or 108 sq/ft, a 3.5″ – 5.5″ thick slab is adequate for most projects. If a building permit is required for your job then engineered drawings for your concrete work is required as well as for your structure. In this case a minimum concrete thickness under load bearing sections will most likely be 12″ or more…

    We will determine the cost for your concrete base on a few factors like:  
    • level of your grade
    • Site access
    • the distance of your project from the road
    • volume of concrete used

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