Timber Frame Gazebos

Timber frame gazebos really make a statement and stand out. They are built to last. Because of the size of the timbers, only larger designs should be considered (16′ octagon shown) in order to look proportional.

    Depending on where the timbers are sourced from, these projects need to be booked well in advance (1-2 yrs) due to the high moisture content in the timbers. It is not suggested to put fresh sawn “green” lumber out into the sun until it has had a chance to dry slowly indoors. Too fast drying time can result in uncontrolled warping and cracks in your timbers.
      Please request a quote for this project. Note that building permits are hard to obtain or not possible to obtain because of the use of non-graded rough-sawn lumber. For this reason placement of these structures are usually restricted to rural installations.
        Standard Features Include:
      8×8 posts
        6×8 beams & braces
      1×12 pine roof boards
        asphalt shingles
          Options Not Included:
        cedar roof
        concrete slab and stonework
          stain or paint

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